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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Want to export to London and the UK?

A very interesting initiative is  taking place on Thursday 29 November at the Casa de Cultura in Caravaca.

Two workshops have been organised by Emilio Sáez, Arco Two Zero Collective, ourselves (El Centro de Ingles) and the local council of Caravaca.

The workshops are for all local business people and traders who are interested in exporting their products and services/ideas to the UK. 

John Lawrance (Solonegocio) a business consultant from London, ,with over 25 years experience, will be giving a presentation related to the markets available in the UK and the opportunities that are currently available. He will also explain some of the complexities regarding the taxes and the red tape that is involved with importing into the UK.

Solonegocio Web-site

This event has also received help from the following people, Ana Marin Corbalan, craft beer El Molino del Rio, Juan Pedro Ruiz Molina, Miriam Garcia Martinez, Jose Carlos Gozalbes, GoDigiart Designers and Pedro Antonio Robles Moya.

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